How It Feels Canceling My Trip Due to Pandemic

 It's been a long time since I went to Singapore. The last time I went there was in 2019 before the pandemic outbreak. Since the pandemic of COVID-19, I have stopped traveling. Well, what can I do? The government forbids it to stop the spread of this virus.

I also canceled my trips to South Korea and Kunming China. Even though I have already booked tickets from Changi-Incheon-Gimhae-Changi. I've also booked a hotel in Singapore to stay overnight from South Korea before returning to Indonesia.

As per the itinerary, I still have 2 days off before going back to work. So I used it to stay in Singapore. I also wanted to meet an old friend who was just working in Singapore at that time.

Unfortunately, the trip could not be done. I was disappointed and sad. The trip I dreamed of and have planned for a year must be canceled. Why so, to travel to South Korea and stay in Singapore is very expensive. Yup, in my opinion, these two countries cost an arm and a leg. Moreover, I wanted to feel luxurious in Singapore at that time. I want to have a vacation like Crazy Rich. That's why I worked hard and made money. ^^

 Choosing to Stay at the Shangri La Hotel Singapore

As I mentioned above, I want my vacation in Singapore for 2 days 1 night to feel different from my previous trip. In the past, I only took the one-day trip and chose to stay in Johor Bahru at a budget hotel.

The places I visited were free places like Merlion Park, Garden by the Bay outer courtyard, Universal Studio Singapore Globe, and Bugis Street. All of these places can be reached in one day.

I already booked a room at the Shangri La Singapore. I would stay with my friend. Why choose Shangri La Hotel? Apart from seeing reviews from visitors who said that this hotel was comfortable, I got the best price for a standard room.

I also plan to go to Lucky Plaza and Tanglin Shopping Center to buy souvenirs. I would also want to do window shopping at luxury malls. Hey, isn't Orchard Road a shopping paradise? Many large malls sell expensive and branded things there. So I should stay at a hotel on Orchard Road, right?

Besides that, I also fell in love with the facilities at the Shangri La Hotel. I am very curious about its swimming pool. This Shangri La is also recommended for family staycations, you know. So for those of you who want to stay with your family, Shangri La is suitable for you because it is safe for children.

The good news is for Singaporeans, now you can redeem the Singapore Rediscover Vouchers provided by the government. You can use this voucher to stay at hotels in Singapore or visit tourist attractions. How interesting, isn’t it?

As long as the new normal has been implemented, travel activities are also starting to reopen. So, why don't you use this opportunity for a vacation or staycation with your family?