The Greatness Facilities of Global Sevilla International School in Jakarta

 Finding the right school for your children is vital for their comfort. They need excellent facilities to have the best education. Talk about school facilities, Global Sevilla ensure that their students are supported in their daily learning process. With that mind, they provide excellent facilities on each campus. In this international school in Jakarta, students can find numerous different laboratories, sports centre and many more. Here is the explanation.

The Facilities of Global Sevilla International School

1. Laboratories from Art to Science

This institution has several laboratories facilities from art to science that support the learning and teaching process. It is enhancing mastery of subject matter to understand scientific fact or concept of a particular discipline. It is essential amenities since the scientific proof is must be done for academic purposes. Thus, this school provides excellent facilities in the laboratories to contribute to developing skills including research, exploration and study properly.

2. Sport Facilities

School sports facilities are used to give the formal curriculum and support physical activities. This international school in Jakarta provides an extensive range of indoor and outdoor facilities. They consist of a gym, basketball court, mini soccer field, and swimming pool to explore and improve their physical skills. They are designed and build to best practice in education. It makes the ideal environment for students to access sports activities.

3. Indoor Sensory Room and Outdoor Playgrounds

Another facility that provides by this institution is an attractive outdoor playground and the indoor sensory room. The younger students can have many opportunities to enhance their social skills by playing together in this area. Besides that, with this enough facility on the playground school can improve the physical health of children when they play from the equipment of climbing, balancing, stretching and sliding. 

4. Greeneries with Wide-Open Space

Not only have that, but Global Sevilla international school in Jakarta also has a suitable environment for teaching and learning process. It is proof by the beauty of nature in the surrounding of this school. It features wide-open spaces with beautiful greeneries and bright, spacious room to learn better. Bringing a sense of peace for students’ activities in daily school life. 

As you can see from the information, these school facilities will help the student to have the best education. With all those complete facilities can make the learning process effectively and efficiently. Considering this idea, the students will be active, creative and innovative in school activities. Parents should see it since the Global Sevilla School facilities are complete and can facilitate any learning carried out by their students well.